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Hello? Out there?
This is my first independent journal entry. Or let's just say, the one here I ask questions to no end
1. Inbox me!! I want some friends on here to connect with.
2. How do I change the permanent color of the txt?
3. Please comment on my writing. At school I am very advanced at it, not to brag to all u spontaneous people out there, but I would like to know if I am really as good as they say!!!

Writer's Block: Far and away

Describe your dream vacation.
Ok. So if ur asking me about my dream vacation, I'm gonna keep it as simple as possible. Maybe New York city where I can pursue my "dreams for the future", as you might call it, or Paris, for no apparent reason. Also Verona, because I hear it is a very beautiful and elegant place. This is it for today.
oh yeah~ and just to let you kno, someday I would love to be a singer. also another reason for wanting to go to New York City ♥

ok well, in my opinion, i dont think there will ever b complete world peace. not to b the negative one or anything, but it doesnt seem likely to happen with all of the problems currently in the world. if there is no hate, there is no love. if there is no sadness, there is no enjoyment either. the world needs to b balanced out and cant b on just one side of the scale